When organizations aren't aligned...

Goals are not accomplished

Employee morale is low

Tensions rise

Performance is inconsistent

Projects are delayed

Communication breaks down

It's fixable!

Wouldn't you want a company that has...

Managers helping lead the company more effectively to grow in profit.
Everyone feeling more connected and accountable as a team.
Sales, customer service and employee retention rising.

So how can we help you get there?

Our approach is tailored to your needs and focused on results and consistency. We meet with you to identify your specific challenges and goals and we begin with a short pilot to ensure we are good fit. We then tailor a custom program of both consulting and team development to meet your goals in the budget and timeline agreed. We roll up our sleeves to help your team implement the program, and we align with you regularly to review progress, and make adjustments and stay on track.

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What we offer

Integrated Consulting Services

  • Executive Consulting
    We work with individual executives and executive teams to help them increase their alignment and communication with each other and their middle managers, and to consistently execute decisions well as a team. We focus on helping executive teams grow in their leadership and together leading their companies to growth.
  • Management Consulting
    We work with teams of managers to help them create good communication and collaboration across departments, to connect more regularly with their front-liners, align more effectively with their executives, and implement solutions more consistently. We focus on helping individual managers and teams of managers grow in leadership, performance management, and teamwork.
  • Staff Consulting
    We work with teams of staff and front-liners to help them identify and communicate problems more effectively to their managers, implement solutions, and collaborate better with each other to improve their workplace culture, customer service and performance. We focus on helping staff and front-liners grow in professionalism, communication and collaboration with each other and their managers.
  • Sales Consulting
    We work with sales managers and sales reps to improve their relationship sales skills, connecting better with prospects and clients, and their closing skills. We focus on helping individual reps and the overall team improve their team dynamics, organization, focus, opportunities and growth.
  • Custom Game Plan
    We meet with the executives and teams to identify key challenges and problems, and we create for them a custom game plan to help their team implement our tailored solutions in the timeline and the budget agreed. The game plan may include both consulting and development resources to best fit their needs, their culture and logistics. We review the status and progress of the game plan with leadership on a regular basis to ensure success and accountability.
Are you a HR or department manager who is interested in training? Head over to our other website, Winning in the Workplace.

Who are we?

We help executives and managers become great leaders together and collaborate more successfully to lead their companies and teams to greater growth and opportunities.

Maurice Velasquez, President

As founder and president of TRW, Maurice is a proven leader with extensive expertise in client relationships, a disciplined focus on aligning teams and a track record for helping clients communicate and execute effectively. He works with executive teams to design their unique program and facilitates the collaboration with middle managers to lead their companies to sustainable growth. His clients include Neighbors Federal Credit Union, Carline Companies, Guaranty Broadcasting, Cornerstone Flooring, Acme Refrigeration and Renal Associates. From 1994 to 2007, Maurice designed and implemented custom sales and technology-based programs for companies such as Formosa Plastics, American Banking Institute, LA Department of Revenue, BASF Plastics, USAgencies and 200+ companies, state agencies and non-profits state-wide. Maurice has a degree in programming and certified in Wiley-owned, DiSC-based behavioral programs.

John Sherk,
John is a senior partner at TRW. For nearly 15 years he has helped companies with organizational change, executive leadership, profit margin development, and team alignment with a focus on strategic development and fundraising. His clients include JMTest, STAR Service BR and NOLA, Ascend Performance, Life City, Dorgnac’s Supermarket and Guaranty Insurance Company. John has an MA in Theology from Notre Dame, and currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation with a focus on human capital development from University of Southern Mississippi.

Leah Velasquez, Support Team
Leah works closely with all TRW clients to provide customer service and client relations. Her specialty and focus is in grant writing and funding through the LA Workforce Commission Incumbent Training Program (IWTP) and the Small Business Employment Training program (SBET). She also oversees all TRW event coordination, training workshop hosting and training evaluations. Prior to joining TRW, Leah provided administration support services to companies such as Lane Memorial Hospital, Computer Software Academy and BR Christian Classical School.

Jenn Radau,
Support Team
As the scheduler and executive assistant, Jenn Radau is dedicated to providing tailored back office and administrative support for TRW and TRW clients. From organizing meetings and workflow charts to creating custom client deliverables, Jenn helps move projects through to completion. She is the frontline customer service specialist, as the company’s operator, and she also administers the TRW client DiSC personality surveys and reports. With over 12 years of management and back office experience in the retail and service industries, Jenn is a key player in helping TRW serve its clients and help them grow.

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