Brian hebert


Brian joined Team Real World in January of 2019 and has become a key consultant and coach with several of our clients in both the nonprofit and for-profit sector. He was the owner and CEO of LEA, Inc in New Orleans, which specialized in designing, building and implementing lighting solutions to business across all sectors throughout Louisiana. After a decade of successful growth, he sold the company enjoyed a year of rest, and joined our team in the next phase of his career.


With his vast experience in executive leadership, management and sales, Brian brings a refreshing and practical approach to the boardroom and management brainstorms. His expertise is in the areas of executive alignment, management collaboration and helping managers lead successful teams. He is excellent at facilitating tough and crucial conversations with a spirit of calm, professionalism and helps improve the emotional and relationship in otherwise difficult situations and decisions.


Brian is a veteran of the US Navy, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and completed all courses for Masters Degree studies in Education from Connecticut State University. Currently he is studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Innovation and Design Thinking. He is working on his first book titled  “U.B.U.-The Philosophy of You”. He is an avid collector of rare mineral rocks and enjoys cooking and jogging.