Colleagues Working Together

“This is not your typical consulting firm that gives you concepts and leaves the implementation up to you. Team Real World has rolled up their sleeves, helped us push projects forward and has helped train our team on leadership and management skills. They work with us every week to help us implement the game plan, learn tools and help us do it ourselves.”


Chad Dudley

Managing Partner at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers

The Challenge We All Face

Businesses are drowning in storming and disengagement, which consistently undermines productivity, erodes profits and produces high unnecessary turnover. Gallup reports that employee engagement is continually at 30% average across all industries. This is costing companies approximately of 3 months of wasted time per employee every year.


That’s where Team Real World comes in. We help companies re-engage their teams by teaching them how to get out of unnecessary storming and how to stay out of unnecessary storming. Maurice and his team have designed and published consulting and training program that works, is proven across multiple industries, different size companies, in the profit, non-profit sectors, and government sectors.


1 - Complimentary sessions

We begin with a complimentary session so that the executives can experience our style, approach and understand how our ‘Alignment Model’ can be tailored to address their specific needs. A key element is reading and discussing our book, “Journeying Beyond the Storm”, a guide for executives and managers on how to collaborate better and lead their teams to the next level.


2 - Executive Alignment

Leadership starts at the top and so our next step is to meet with the executives over a period of 3-5 weeks to understand their goals, identify the challenges they face, understand their business model and culture, and begin coaching them on how to stay aligned consistently through those weekly meetings. The outcome of these executives is to ensure everyone is on the same page in regards to the direction of the organization, executive goals and overall organizational structure.


The positive impact of this is felt almost immediately, and although there are often times challenges and personality obstacles to address, these sessions provide an effective environment to focus on each other and the business together. This may often mean doing an executive retreat together and combine it with a strategic planning session. Every team is different so we tailor these first weeks according to the need of each team.


3 - Assessment Report

Then we begin with an assessment to better understand the goals of the organization, the challenges that the various teams face in working together, and identifying the key areas for improvement. We do this through different instruments including a confidential employee survey, meetings with the various teams of executives, managers, supervisors and frontliners, and 1-on-1 interviews with team members.


This assessment often also includes doing personality and leadership profile surveys to better understand the team dynamics, plus a study of the organizational chart and structure. We then provide a thorough report to the executive team of the challenges we identified and an initial recommendation and game plan.


4 - Two-Day Training Bootcamp

To get started implementing the game plan, we begin with our hall-mark and flagship 2-day training boot camp. It is powerful, completely tailored, where we take our ‘Alignment Model’ and customize it to address the specific needs, challenges and obstacles of the company. This is attended by the executive and management team, in an executive retreat type of environment. There is a lot of energy, a lot of preparation, a lot of involvement from all participants, and a lot of core issues that are brought to the table to discuss, dissect and give each other clarity and direction. It is in this training where we begin practicing aligned disciplines of communication and decision-making, and where we start putting into practice the tools and disciplines presented in the book, “Journeying Beyond the Storm”.


Out of this 2-days, we come out with adjustments to the game plan, key areas and top projects to tackle and a renewed sense of re-commitment, excitement and assignments for everyone to start working together on.


5 - Rhythm Communication and Aligned Decision-Making

Based on the agreed game-plan, we begin meeting with the executive team and the management team to the habits and disciplines of meeting weekly, identifying key projects, dividing things into great teams, everyone staying on the same page, coming together frequently, having great crucial conversations, and bringing things together into great products, services, and programs. This rhythm, which we call ‘The Alignment Model’ is the backbone of what helps teams focus, engage everyone, stay out of unnecessary storming, and become productive and effective.


But this does not happen overnight and it takes commitment and hard work on everyone’s part. This is where our Team Real World consultants and coaches work with our clients to set these rhythm meetings and help facilitate them with the goal of instituting the disciplines and helping the teams adopt and master the tools and habits of alignment on their own. Depending on the company and the needs, this is usually a 4-9 month journey.


We help tailor the rhythm of each company according to the specific structure, needs, culture, and the needed teams of each company, but they all share 3 common things: an executive weekly meeting, a management weekly meeting, and a brief company-wide weekly shout-out huddle.


6 - Tailored Training

Based on the assessment and the success of the rhythm meetings, the teams and us usually identify training and skill needs. During the 1st month of the rhythm meetings, we work closely with the teams and Human Resource departments to identify their training challenges, and we help them identify and roll-out training with a combination of in-house trainers, our trainers, or 3rd-party training vendors. In Louisiana and other states, we help companies find funding from private grants and state training funds to offset the cost of training. Each state’s funding programs are different so we work closely with local providers to make this training possible, with 20-30% of the courses taught by our Team Real World trainers.

7 - Reports and ROI

The biggest pitfall of a lot of consulting and training firms is their inability to provide on-going and measurable reports that show the positive impact and progress that their services bring to their clients. Most often this is left to subjective analysis and feelings to determine performance. We do not take this approach. We have built within our program a reporting mechanism that keeps executives and managers up to date and aligned on the progress and success we are having with their investment and their teams. We create this expectation early and upfront and we maintain it each month to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our expectations. This allow us to plan regularly, adjust as needed, and regroup as required.


8 - Additional Services

To ensure that companies can stay out of storming, we provide additional services to help build high-performing teams. These services include:


  1. Recruitment and onboarding - retaining great team members is an incredible challenge as well as it is finding great candidates to join the teams. Oftentimes, positions remain vacant or teams have to resort to spreading tasks across other team members which produces unnecessary frustration and disengagement. We have a proven track record of identifying, vetting, recruiting and being able to help onboard great candidates. The goal is to find the right fits, build solid relationships, and train the new team members so they stay employed over a long period of time. We do this really well. Learn more here.

  2. Branding and marketing - the biggest drain in marketing dollars today is the changing world and ever-moving standards of social media and digital advertising. Companies are spending millions of dollars in this, and most of them do not know how to produce good ROI. Our team of marketing and social media specialists can help you design a successful strategy and work with your team to build and sustain a social media presence that is consistent, effective and engaging. Learn more here.

  3. FineTuned Living - companies need their employees to be confident and feel confident about themselves, who they are, and what they are about, so they can enjoy a wonderful life as well as be more productive and effective in their workplace. This is why offer FineTuned Living programs and services, which include growing in professionalism, becoming more self-aware of strengths and weaknesses, understanding their own styles of leadership and communication, knowing how to dress and fashion-up to meet their personality and body, how to take care of themselves and how to influence their workspace and living areas to foster health, energy, focus and innovation. This is one of our most sought-out services to help professionalism and happy living. Learn more here.

  4. Sales Management - this is all about energy, talent, focus and results. Most sales teams have the right people but they do not know how to harness their energy, focus, and dedication to build a high-performance sales team that knows how to tackle opportunities and failures. We train your sales managers. We also train your teams. And we also provide Sales Management to help develop and establish your sales force, turn things around and build the sales leadership you need for consistent sales performance. Learn more here.

  5. Online training - The reality of the marketplace is that 30-40% of the workforce is now only willing to learn new skills, habits, tools and disciplines through digital sources. This number is going to increase exponentially over the next 10 years and companies therefore need to know how to develop their people’s skills using online resources. We therefore assist companies in 2 ways: 1) we offer all material, modules, skills and tools on our online digital library platform called ‘Team Real World on Demand’ which offers videos, podcasts, courses, forms, and downloadable files. We add 2-4 modules every week and is available to all our clients in several tiered subscription plans based on their need. 2) We also teach companies, HR departments, and training teams how to build and manage their own digital library to offer digital training services covering their in-house training, information, materials and tools. For those companies that do not want to manage their own platform, we can do manage their platform for them. Learn more here.

  6. Human Resources Services - for managers to be successful, they have have a strong team in Human Resources to support them, train them, strategize with them, and hold them accountable to provide a great environment and workplace for their teams. The human resources service we offer include a) recruitment and onboarding, as outlined above, b) HR generalist and assistants, c) HR training, d) HR software solutions, e) Employee Handbook design and re-writes, and f) HR Management. We tailor these services for each client depending on their need and we set specific start/end times for small projects and long-term roll-outs. Learn more here.

  7. COO Services - a lot of companies simply need someone to come on board for a specific period of time and help implement the program, disciplines, tools and results of the ‘Alignment Model’. We are confident that coaching teams on how to set up and sustain their weekly rhythm approach works and is successful. But some companies need to make that happen faster and build the disciplines and teams so that it can passed to others. Talk to us if you feel you are in this scenario. It is by far the most effective method to get out of storming. Learn more here.