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A powerful 2-Day bootcamp, filled with practical strategies, disciplines, and tools, focused on showing executives and managers how to align, how to collaborate, how to have effective crucial conversations, make good decisions together, and support supervisors and frontliners to become high-performance teams.


We will teach you the routines and disciplines necessary for team successWe will teach you how to become great at figuring out how to divide things up into great teams who all work on the same thing, touch bases frequently and bring it all together into a product. We do that really well.

Day 1

Setting the journey and building the disciplines of alignment and collaboration


Duration: 8 hours



Storming is real. This is almost as much a law of the business world as it is a law of the natural world. Like in nature, getting past the storm is where things become clear again and the journey becomes pleasant. Storming is what keeps businesses from growing. It is indeed the most common unsolved problems in the workplace. Therefore, if you want to grow your business and your organization, you must know how to get out of storming. This is the day 1 of this powerful workshop.


•   A clear vision of the journey

•   The reality of storming in every journey

•   The profile of well-aligned organizations

•   Symptoms of organizations in on-going storming

•   The breakdown of communications

•   The centrality of ideas and fostering collaboration

•   The roles of executives and roles of managers

•   Rebuilding the highway of communication

•   The 7 documents to keep you from storming

•   Managing “up” & leading from the middle

Day 2

Effective communication and decision-making to stay on the same page, focused and successful


Duration: 8 hours



It is not enough to say, “let’s get on the same page”. That is a worn-out cliché offering little direction outside of a vague plea for “someone please get organized”. Getting on the same page means to really produce simple documents, in an aligned manner, that bring people together, and that give everyone a chance to succeed together. This workshop covers the techniques and communication strategies on how to make this possible, engaging and effective.


•   How to literally get on the same page

•   Personality differences create misunderstanding

•   Communication styles create the misalignment

•   How ideas suffer from bad conversations

•   The decision-making model that fosters alignment

•   Facilitating effective conversations and meetings

•   The mechanics of good decision-making

•   Working from Top Projects and game plans

•   Defining the roles of quarterbacks

•   Creating and incentivizing productivity