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"Team Real World has been a forerunner for revolutionary management strategies for years, and now, in this crisis, our team is uniquely positioned to help businesses succeed and grow through this time."

Maurice Velasquez


“Maurice could not be more on point! The analysis and action steps he lays out to create better management systems are simple and practical. We are using his model with our clients...and ourselves! It works!”

tim mckey

“Maurice told me we would see results in six weeks. To be honest, I thought that wasn’t possible. I was

wrong. We did! Now I am getting used to faster and better results from their training.”

flynn foster

"Team Real World is not typical consulting firm that teaches concepts and leaves the implementation to

you. They roll up their sleeves, help you push projects forward and train our teams on leadership and

management skills."

chad dudley
Managing Partner

"Maurice’s method works. We use it daily and while we can’t avoid the

turbulence, his model helps us navigate through and emerge more weather resistant, constantly growing stronger.”

david aguillard
Executive Director

“Maurice did what we thought was impossible. They identified with our areas of concern, became part of the team, and provided real solutions."

dan robichaux
Chief Administration Officer

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If we are good at helping our clients it is primarily because we are good at helping each other. This is what we do really well. We are great at figuring out how to divide things up into these great teams that we have and all work on the same thing, touch bases frequently and bring it all together into a product. We do that really well. This is what makes our team a team.






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Maurice Velasquez, author of the books Journeying Beyond the Storm and Building High Performance Teams, is available for speaking a training engagements across the United States. Visit his website for more information.