Human Resources

If you have more than 20 team members, you need to have a dedicated Human Resources manager to help your managers be successful, to increase the retention and performance of your frontliners, and to help you keep the company safe and well-guarded from unnecessary litigation and insurance costs. If you are an executive trying to do services or you have assigned it on a part-time basis to an employee with multiple roles, we can help you out. We work with your existing team members assigned to HR, we help you supplement their efforts, we can provide you with assistance to them, or we can become your HR team. That can be in the short or long term projects, in the form of contract remote services, contract work in-house or long-term staffing.


  • Director or Human Services

  • HR coaching and assistance

  • Employee handbook

  • Onboarding process

  • Recruitment and hiring

  • HR generalist and assistants

  • Building your employee training program (in-house “university”)

  • HR software solutions

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