Team Manager

Jenn joined Team Real World in 2014 and has been the backbone to our organization ever since. For 4 years she helped streamline and organize everything internally for our team, and to this is still the one who helps all of our consultant keep everything organized and in a rhythm for our clients. Jenn is the one who makes it possible for Team Real World and all our consultants to be as effective as we are, and thus allows us to help all our clients grow through our programs and reach their goals with us more consistently. In 2018 she became our Team Manager and is the chief “air-traffic-controller” for all we do internally and with our clients.


Jenn aligns all our teams on a daily and weekly basis, keeps all our Top Projects organized and is the go-to person to help everyone stay focused, designs and tailors solutions for all our clients, align across teams and projects, and helps everyone with follow-through and accountability. Her skill set is central to our firm and is the core of the skills we train our clients for their managers to learn and practice. Jenn regularly joins the consultants and trainers in workshops and private sessions to help our clients understand “from the ground up” how to apply our programs on a day-to-day basis and how to effectively manage up the difficult task of aligning middle managers and executives.


Jenn and her husband live in Baton Rouge, are the happy owners of a beautiful beagle Maeby. She loves going to Walt Disney World with her family (which she does at least once every year) and she assists a local high school with their dance team and marching band.