Leadership and management excellence

A 2-Day powerful workshop focused on how to rebuild the alignment and collaboration of executives and managers, and the tools and strategies needed to stay aligned, united and able to weather the storms.
2-Day Course  |  16 hours
$990 per person  |  Dates: September 16-17, October 21-22, 2019
Building great leadership with alignment

The biggest challenges that executives and managers are facing in the workplace today is that of their teams being unaligned and having a workforce that is disengaged. They realize there is a lot of miscommunication, a lot of unalignment, and they find it difficult to get everyone back on the same page. This is what is called “storming” and unfortunately most companies and departments are ‘stuck’ in storming. This storming destroys morale, team energy, productivity and profit. This powerful 2-day course is designed to help executives and managers get ‘past the storm’ so things can become clearer, productive, and teams can work better together again.

These 2 days will provide you the best business practices, the strategies, disciplines, techniques and tools of how to get out of storming and continually stay out of storming. Day 1 is focused on rebuilding your leadership roles, your realignment and collaboration. Day 2 is focused on rebuilding your communication, your meetings, and your decision-making. This 2-day course is where the journey begins, where all leadership teams should start their training. All other workshops in this catalog work best if you start with this 2-day course first. If you would like this 2-day course tailored for your company to address your specific needs and culture, contact us.

Day 1: Leadership, Alignment and Toolbox

Modules & Learning Objectives

  • How well-aligned companies flourish and grow

  • How great leadership builds and fosters good collaboration

  • How companies are stuck in storming & miscommunication

  • Understanding the breakdown of communication

  • Understanding the Alignment Model 

  • The roles of executives and the roles of managers

  • Rebuilding a rhythm and highway of communication

  • Building accountability, teamwork and follow-thru

  • What it really means to get “get on the same page”

  • Building your Top Documents and game plans

  • Facilitating great meetings with notes and agendas

  • How managers can manage up effectively to executives

  • Building a thriving team culture

Day 2: Effective Communication, Decision-Making and Meetings


Modules & Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how communication breaks down in teams

  • How ideas should succeed in good open communication

  • Understand the different decision-making styles

  • How personality differences trigger miscommunication

  • Learning how to use the Z-model of communication

  • Understanding personalities using the DiSC model

  • The dos’ and don’ts of facilitating great meetings

  • Where and when to address projects and their status

  • When and how to bring up new business and new ideas

  • The difference between ideas and proposals

  • Addressing problems and crucial conversations is a must

  • How to organize projects into teams and game plans

  • The role of team leaders and “quarterbacks”

  • Building your rhythm of meetings to bring it all together



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Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion showing successful and proactive participation.

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Most executives and managers will GIVE UP before managers are properly trained. Don't let a good career go to waste. Enroll today. 


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"Team Real World came in and taught us the importance of being engaged at our team meetings and how to have professional, and even difficult, necessary discussions."

Gordy Rush, General Manager, Guaranty Media


"The impact of Maurice's coaching was gradual and long-lasting. The skills learned and the coaching during implementation continues to help us lead our company. We trained our team, practiced the things we learned as a team, and we brought everyone up to the level Carline needed be move forward. Maurice brought a focused and steady manner to communication and problem solving that we lacked before Team Real World."

Brad Parks, COO, Carline Management Company


“Maurice has been instrumental with our executive team, between the owners, the management team, our managers and our frontliners, he has helped us face tough situations and has aligned beyond what I thought possible.  We are still in the midst of the transitions of the game plan we designed with Maurice, but based on the progress we have made, I am very hopeful and excited with what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we will do in the future. I highly recommend any business needing to get to the next level to contact Maurice and his team.”

Mary L. Werner, Owner, Hotel Indigo


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