Leah is a co-founder of Team Real World and has from the beginning been an integral part of its development and growth. She knows all the ins and outs of the firm, has solid institutional and organizational knowledge of all our clients, and for over 10 years been the administrator “magician behind the scenes” in designing tailored solutions and tools for clients.


Leah has an effective style of coaching with a steady personality and serious focus to business disciplines, best practices and team development. She has the unique and proven experience of working across all levels of companies: at strategic discussions and planning meetings with executives, at organizational alignment with middle managers and supervisors, and team dynamics and team performance with frontliners and customers. With this vast knowledge and working experience of clients across multiple industries, Leah became a Consultant with our firm in 2018 and is now the Lead Consultant for all our non-profit and HR-related clients.


In 1994, Leah co-founded with Maurice their first training company, Computer Software Academy, dedicated to help teams and companies increase their effectiveness and professionalism with tailored software solutions across the South Louisiana markets. She managed and administered all training workshops, client relations, and customer service aspects of the business. In 2008, she started Team Real World with Maurice and has help lead the team at both management and executive levels to get TRW where it is today. She and Maurice have 3 children, she enjoys hosting parties for friends and family, loves reading and yoga.