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Getting the entire team on the same page is one of the hardest things for companies to do. But it's possible if managers are well-trained.

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Most executives and managers will GIVE UP before managers are properly trained. Don't let a good career go to waste. Enroll today. 

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Leadership and management excellence

A Powerful 2-Day Course on How to Align Teams, Create Buy-in and Get Everyone on the Same Page
2-Day Course  |  16 hours
$990 per person  |  Dates: August 19-20, September 16-17, October 21-22, December 16-17, 2019

It is incredibly difficult to get teams on the same page. Everyone agrees that it has to be done so everyone can be productive, and you can enjoy a more harmonious and professional work environment. This powerful 2-day "boot camp" course is where we show you how to do this. We identify the common roadblock and traps, and we lay out the strategies, tools, techniques and disciplines so you can align your teams, engage your people, and sustain the habits to make this practical and long-lasting. Day 1 focuses on the tools and the disciplines. Day 2 focuses on the art of people skills and creating buy-in. 


So if you want to rebuild the engagement and excitement of your people and your teams, if you want to attract and retain great talent, and if you want to rebuild and sustain a thriving team culture, this powerful 2-day course is for you.  


Who Should Attend: 

  • Directors of operation

  • COO's

  • Department directors,

  • Project managers

  • HR directors and managers

  • Front line team leaders and supervisors

  • Executives, business owners, C-level individuals

  • ...and anyone overseeing teams and needing to align people, goals, projects and implementation.

Day 1: Leadership, Alignment and Toolbox

Course Description

On day 1, we start off with the goal of alignment, and the goal of leadership and management. We then dive into what a healthy aligned culture looks like and the elements of well-aligned teams. Then we identify the most common obstacles and traps that companies fall into that keep them from alignment, and the bad habits that need to be discontinued. Then we open the "toolbox" and discuss the tools, techniques, and documents to rebuild your alignment. We will identify when and how to use each tool, each technique and the pitfalls to avoid, so you can be a more collaborating manager and a better-aligned management team.

Modules & Learning Objectives

  • Keeping it simple: what is alignment all about

  • The #1 characteristic that makes alignment possible

  • The elements and habits of well-aligned companies

  • The correct perspective on the roles of leadership and management

  • The traps and bad habits that keep companies from aligning

  • Learning the Alignment Model

  • The tools, techniques and strategies to build good habits of alignment

  • Building the teams and the top projects

  • Building the communication highway

  • The #1 habit of successful and well-aligned management teams

  • The #1 habit of successful individual managers

Day 2: Effective Communication, Decision-Making and Meetings


Course Description:

In Day 2 we cover the single-biggest problem of why companies cannot stay align...and what to do about it. The biggest problem is broken and ineffective communications. Meetings become a waste of time. Emails become overwhelming. Decisions are all over the place. And to try to fix this, people resort to the worse of their personalities to get things done, push for completion and move things forward. This creates enormous tension. And this is where most companies are stuck. In Day 2, we dissect this domino effect, understand how it happens, and learn the correct tools and disciplines to get 'unstuck' and rebuild good and effective communication, decision-making and meetings.


Modules & Learning Objectives

  • The communication breakdown

  • How individual decision-making styles conflict with one another

  • Understanding the personality differences 

  • Learning the communication and decision style that works

  • The guidelines and disciplines of great meetings

  • How to facilitate effective meetings and great collaboration

  • How to to facilitate meetings so everyone is heard

  • The differences between presenting ideas and proposals

  • How to have crucial conversations

  • How to give on-going, regular feedback to team members

  • How to receive feedback from team members and increase buy-in

Building great leadership with alignment


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Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion showing successful and proactive participation.

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"Team Real World came in and taught us the importance of being engaged at our team meetings and how to have professional, and even difficult, necessary discussions."

Gordy Rush, General Manager, Guaranty Media


"The impact of Maurice's coaching was gradual and long-lasting. The skills learned and the coaching during implementation continues to help us lead our company. We trained our team, practiced the things we learned as a team, and we brought everyone up to the level Carline needed be move forward. Maurice brought a focused and steady manner to communication and problem solving that we lacked before Team Real World."

Brad Parks, COO, Carline Management Company


“Maurice has been instrumental with our executive team, between the owners, the management team, our managers and our frontliners, he has helped us face tough situations and has aligned beyond what I thought possible.  We are still in the midst of the transitions of the game plan we designed with Maurice, but based on the progress we have made, I am very hopeful and excited with what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we will do in the future. I highly recommend any business needing to get to the next level to contact Maurice and his team.”

Mary L. Werner, Owner, Hotel Indigo


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