Management services

Do you need your managers to become better leaders, collaborate better, but you don’t have someone that can help them accomplish this? If you as executives are in this position and you have been trying to do this yourselves, what you need is someone to come in for a designated period of time and assist you in that role of Manager Leader, Director of Operations, COO or Management Re-enforcement coach. The goal for using our Management Services to manage your management team is to develop a transition for one of these 3 outcomes:


  1. To develop and promote an existing manager to become that missing leader

  2. To recruit and onboard someone from the outside to fill in that position, or...

  3. To keep our manager hired on your team for a long-term contract or full-time basis


We use our proven and successful “Leadership Alignment Model” to tailor our services to your specific needs needs, budget and timeline. The services often includes (but not limited to) these:


  • Team assessment and confidential employee feedback

  • Tailored game plan with top projects and designated teams

  • Organizational alignment and org chart rebuilding of roles and responsibilities

  • Building of communication rhythms and effective meetings

  • Facilitating and empowering collaboration across all departments

  • Management training and ongoing development

  • Supervisor and frontline team leader training

  • Problem-solving and employee care

  • Building and sustaining a thriving team culture

  • Team development and performance training

  • Customer service and client satisfaction