Maurice Velasquez


Maurice founded Team Real World to help clients and teams grow. He believes most companies are unable to grow because they are stuck in “storming”, meaning they are unaligned, disorganized and facing too much unnecessary internal tension. He has seen this from over 20 years of training and coaching hundreds of companies since 1994. In 2008 he started Team Real World and developed a powerful, effective and proven program (“the Alignment Model”) that helps rebuild leadership and communication to make growth possible. The Alignment Model is the backbone of our program and how he helps build and manage high-performing teams.


In 1994 he founded - and in 2000 - sold Computer Software Academy, a training firm that provided tailored system solutions to clients. The next 8 years he managed competing training companies and was the Director of Sales for a national insurance company. In 2008 he and his wife started Team Real World, and in 2018 he wrote the game-changing book, “Journeying Beyond the Storm”, a traveling guide for executives and managers on how to recognize the high-cost of storming and the practical tools and habits of how to collaborate better and grow.


Maurice works closely with executives and business owners, knows how to help managers collaborate, and how to help supervisors and frontliners sustain a thriving team culture. He is a dynamic speaker, an effective trainer, has a keen eye for business solutions, and talented on effectively converting difficult and complex concepts into simple solutions, repeatable disciplines, and measurable results. He and his wife live in Baton Rouge, have 3 children, a beautiful dog named Shiloh. He’s an avid soccer fan (was once a great soccer player), loves to play chess, sing out loud in his native Spanish, watch movies and dine out with family and friends.