Great executive leaders work with a unified vision. The best are so passionate about their vision that they serve as it’s #1 champion to all of their teams. They talk about the vision constantly, they use it as motivation, and they keep it in the forefront of everything that the company does.

Vision v. Goals

Leaders often confuse the difference between a vision and their goals. Both are necessary, but different. Here is one example of how to differentiate between goals and a vision: A goal is, “to launch 30 additional web sites this year.” But a vision is, “to be the leader in custom-built web sites for small to medium size companies in our market.”

Add Your Company Values

Every workplace should have 4-6 words that define the company’s core values. A leader should collect these values from each of the 4 personality styles (shown below) to ensure that everyone will be able to believe in them and the vision they support. People will connect with the vision if they connect to the value they already hold.

Championing the Vision

The CEO should always be the greatest champion of the vision. One CEO we know sends out a weekly email to motivate all their teams towards their company’s vision and attaches an article or a quote from a book. They say, “this is what we’re trying to accomplish team...this is what we’re all about.”

That’s awesome championing. That’s the #1 role of executives: to be the loudest, most motivating voice of the vision.

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