Recruitment & OnBoarding

If you consistently hire great talent and you onboard them well the first 90-days, your teams will perform, your management team will succeed, and your company can continually grow. But if this task of hiring and onboarding has become a burden for you, or it has been become a superficial effort, then allow us to help you. We have a proven track record, across multiple industries, and across the country, of finding, vetting, recruiting, and onboarding top candidates. Our 2-tiered approach is very successful: First, we work with your leadership and HR team to build and implement a tailored recruitment plan, and secondly, we work with your HR team and your managers on how to effectively onboard them and train them the first 90-days days. This winning combination works and provides you the greatest impact and return on your investment. Also, if you want to bring these services in-house, we can help you build your own program, and train your teams how to manage it.


  • Alignment with leadership and HR on the needs and candidate profiles

  • Building your tailored and custom recruitment program

  • Recruitment, vetting and selecting top candidates

  • Assistance and coaching during the interview process

  • Training your HR teams and managers on effectively onboarding new team members

  • Effectively training new team members during the first 90-days

  • Executive alignment and monthly reporting