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People become masters in their trade when they practice those skills on a regular basis with a good coach in a great team environment.


Program Overview

This is true in sports. It is true in art. We believe this is also true in business, in professionalism and in leadership. This is what this program offers: an experienced, helpful, and motivating reinforcement coach that meets on a weekly basis with your team, and mentors them how to apply and practice the skills of great leadership and management to the specific issues, challenges, and goals of your organization. A reinforcement approach is the only method to ensure that your team members will take the knowledge of classroom training and create meaningful, long-lasting impact of excellence in your workplace. It works. We have proven it over and over, across multiple industries, with different size companies, in different business sectors, and all facing unique requirements and outcomes. We select a coach that best fits your industry, your goals, your challenges and team culture. Then we design a tailored game plan together with you and begin meeting with your team. We help them master the principles, tools, and disciplines in our book “Journeying Beyond the Storm”, and produce a more cohesive and effective management team, a more productive group of managers, and a more engaging and thriving team culture. This is a total team transformation.

Milestones and Deliverables

  • Defining goals

  • Weekly alignment rhythms

  • Top Projects and game plans

  • Roles and structure

  • Monthly progress reviews and ROI

  • Managers drive consistency

  • Frontline supervisors participate

  • Goals reached

  • Executives able to get out of management

  • Managers step up in their leadership

Classroom training is necessary. But it only has long-lasting effects if it is reinforced on a weekly basis with practical applications into the real-life challenges and problems of the office.

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What Our Customers Say About the Reinforcement Training

"Team Real World came in and taught us the importance of being engaged at our team meetings and how to have professional, and even difficult, necessary discussions."

Gordy Rush, General Manager, Guaranty Media

"The impact of Maurice's coaching was gradual and long-lasting. The skills learned and the coaching during implementation continues to help us lead our company. We trained our team, practiced the things we learned as a team, and we brought everyone up to the level Carline needed be move forward. Maurice brought a focused and steady manner to communication and problem solving that we lacked before Team Real World."

Brad Parks, COO, Carline Management Company

“Maurice has been instrumental with our executive team, between the owners, the management team, our managers and our frontliners, he has helped us face tough situations and has aligned beyond what I thought possible.  We are still in the midst of the transitions of the game plan we designed with Maurice, but based on the progress we have made, I am very hopeful and excited with what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we will do in the future. I highly recommend any business needing to get to the next level to contact Maurice and his team.”

Mary L. Werner, Owner, Hotel Indigo