Setting up and managing employees remotely

In a crisis like Coronavirus, companies that can quickly transition their teams to work from home, be productive, and rekindle their internal communication and culture are more likely to survive.


You need a game plan to make the transition and keep it consistent every week. Here is the game plan that works. I’ve used these 10 steps successfully long before Coronavirus with teams who want to expand to remote locations and who need employees to work from home effectively.

Now with the Coronavirus, these steps are incredibly important. Every supervisor needs these. Every company needs to implement these and pivot quickly and pivot correctly.

Our 10 Steps

How to Make the Transition and Help Everyone Succeed Remotely

Creating a “Work From Home” (WFH) employee base in the COVID19 crisis doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it can be a challenge. Here are the ten steps you need to know to create and manage a company that will survive post Coronavirus:




Define who works from home and at the office.

Tools and Set UP

Set up webcams, download the video apps to use, and provide them the tools, equipment and supplies needed to work from home. 




Define the weekly/monthly goals on key projects and tasks.

Non-remote tasks

Identify which tasks and teams that can only be done from the office.

Remote team members regularly update their progress on their reports. They report on issues and problems. These are located on your shared folders.


Progress reports

Supervisors connect with remote teams, individually and team huddles, to mentor, support and address challenges.


REGULAR Communication

Execs and managers meet regularly in the week to track progress, help fix problems, empower teams, give direction, and push things forward.


Leadership Rhythm

Weekly host all-team video huddles for update, provide direction, recognize performance, create fun and motivate.


Team-wide calls

Create, capture and upload training sessions, coaching moments, relevant skills & messages to your personal and private YouTube Channel.


Provide Training


Build Fun Around it

Build and promote contests, fun, competition, group chats, use private Facebook groups to provide information and engagement. Share pictures, have virtual happy hours, do random fun!!

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