sales management

If your sales team needs a remake, a reboot, a refocus or redirection, consider that what you may need is someone to come in for a designated period of time and assist you in the role of Sales Manager, Sales Director, or simply a Sales Re-enforcement coach. The outcomes you should strive for with this service are to build your team, establish and systematize your internal disciplines and habits to sustain your sales results, to develop and promote an existing team member to become the missing leader, to recruit and onboard someone from the outside to fill in that position, or to keep our sales manager hired on your team for a long-term contract or full-time basis. If your sales teams are not performing as they should, they need retraining and regrouping, as well as new leadership and management.


  • Team assessment and sales team feedback

  • Tailored game plan with top projects and designated teams

  • Your sales process, your sales playbook, and your internal disciplines

  • Time management and individual professionalism

  • Prospecting effectively

  • Client discovery meetings and effective client needs

  • Collaborating with clients for design and approval of solutions

  • Closing the business

  • Ongoing sales training, personality alignment, and negotiation skills

  • Building a bullpen of top candidates for onboarding

  • Your sales recruitment and first 90-day training

  • Product knowledge and mastery

  • Effective sales meetings and executive alignment

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