social media & marketing

If you feel you have wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars on your social media and brand awareness, you are not alone. The social media world changes a lot, the standards keep moving, and the algorithms on social platforms are a daunting mystery for most. If you don’t know how to build and sustain your message and your brand “out there” in a consistent, engaging, and effective manner, then stop what you are doing and contact us. We know how to do it. We know how to work quickly with our clients to understand their message, their branding, their gaps and pitfalls, and we know how to tailor a solution that works, is scalable, is transferable, and it is simple to manage. Also, if your brand is still in development or needs to be redefined, we can help you re-build it and bring it across the finish line and get started.


  • Your message and your narrative

  • Your product, you service and your audience

  • The 2-3 platforms to begin with and master before moving on to too many

  • Building the routine, the discipline, and using the tools to help you publish consistently

  • Building the internal tools and quick-result techniques to help you review and approve posts

  • Identifying your content, gathering it, and organizing it for faster turn-around

  • How to tie together your website, your blogs, your posts and your reports

  • Determining the types of posts and messages that work

  • Creating the energy, engagement, and consistency you need to be successful

  • Building a strategic marketing plan for local, regional and national reach